About the bowls

AVA bowls are premium drinking and feeding bowls specially designed for pets. The products have a stylish design and complement any interior. By using sustainable materials, we contribute as much as possible to an environmentally friendly world.

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The basic material used for the bowls is clay. The process of drying and heating the clay creates ceramics; a durable and sturdy product that does not break easily.


The bowls are heavy and extra sturdy and have non-slip studs on the bottom. This ensures that the bowl will not move while eating and will not scratch the floor.


Heat resistant, making it dishwasher and microwave safe.


Completely waterproof and therefore can be used for water, dry and wet food.


All designs have a smooth texture on the inside. This makes it comfortable for your four-legged friend to eat or drink from. This also makes the bowls maintenance-friendly and easy to clean.


For indoor and outdoor use.

Why AVA bowls?

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The products of AVA bowls are handmade in Portugal. The ceramic professionals who make these products have great attention to detail due to their years of experience. The products are made and handled with care, guaranteeing the quality of each product.
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Unique design

Unique, that characterizes AVA bowls’ products. Because the feeders are handmade and each bowl goes through the process in its own way, each bowl gets its own original look and feel.

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The basic raw material used for AVA bowls’ products is clay. It is a natural and sustainable raw material that is ultimately processed into ceramics. During the production process, superfluous material is reused, minimizing waste. Additionally, AVA bowls uses recyclable shipping material. Thus, the entire process contributes to an environmentally conscious society.

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Designed for pets

All bowls are specially designed for pets. The shape and smooth texture on the inside makes it comfortable for the four-legged friend to eat and drink from. Furthermore, the bowls have an extra sturdy design that makes them tough. This, combined with the non-slip studs on the bottom, ensures they cannot be moved or knocked over easily.

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At AVA bowls, we love stylish products. Thanks to the unique designs, the drinking and feeding bowls always complement any interior. A real eye-catcher at home, taking a pet owner’s living space to a higher level. And not to forget: your four-legged friend also eats and drinks in style!

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